Payment Options

Post University accepts, cash, check and credit cards for payment. 

Monthly Payment Plan

In order to facilitate the payment of tuition charges, Post University offers students the option of setting up a monthly payment plan through our Office of Student Accounts. Once you have enrolled at Post University, your personal Tuition Planner will provide you with information on how to set up a payment plan.

ONline Account Access

Post University provides convenient online access to your student account, and allows you to pay your bill online. To view your account or make a payment online, go to .

Paying by Check

You may pay your bill using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic check by clicking here.

You may mail a check to Post University.¬†Please make all checks payable to Post University and send them to:

Main Campus Student Accounts
Post University
800 Country Club Road
P.O. Box 2540
Waterbury, CT 06723-2540

Paying by Credit Card

The following credit cards are accepted for payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

You may pay your bill online using a credit card by clicking here.

You also may pay with a credit card by calling 800.345.2562.

Paying in Cash

You may pay in cash in the Office of Student Finance on Post University’s Waterbury campus.

Office of Student Finance
Hess Hall 116
Post University
800 Country Club Road
Waterbury, CT 06723-2540

For all questions concerning tuition, fees or payment arrangements please contact the Office of Student Finance by calling 800.345.2562.


Payment of fees is due by July 15th and December 15th, or monthly as determined in the monthly payment plan agreement. Students must pay their fees on or before the set due dates or they will be charged a late payment fee.  If circumstances are such that payments cannot be made by the scheduled date, it is critical that the student contact the Office of Student Finance to make special payment arrangements. These arrangements must be agreed to in writing between the student and the Office of Student Accounts no later than one week prior to the payment due date.  An account that is not current will result in (1) denial of registration for courses (2) withholding of transcripts and degrees and (3) assessment of a late fee. 

Interest is charged on open balances with the following exceptions:

  1. Interest will not be charged if 100% of any student's open balance is covered by financial aid, all paperwork has been completed, and aid is received within 45 days.
  2. Interest will be charged only on the difference between what is owed and what is covered by financial aid as long as all paperwork is complete.
  3. Interest will not be charged if students are using work-study funds or are employed as a student worker with the Residential Life Department to settle account balances and have completed the necessary payroll documentation for direct funding to their Post University accounts.

Interest will not be charged if students have signed payment plans on file and continue to make payments in accordance with their agreements.

If there are outstanding balances, students may not register for classes, receive grades, graduate, or receive transcripts of courses from the University until all amounts due the University or any affiliated organization have been paid. Any outstanding balances, along with all expenses, are subject to collection for as long as they are outstanding.