Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Degree


Post University's B.S. in Sociology degree program provides students with the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills while exploring the dynamics of social systems, social life and social change within societies.

Students who attain a B.S. in Sociology from Post University can expect to have achieved the outcomes listed below.


  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of sociological theories, society and social issues
  • Students will possess the skills necessary to assess and evaluate the impact of social institutions on human behavior
  • Students will identify and define the significance of the appropriate application of various sociological theories and concepts
  • Students will recognize, evaluate and interpret structural inequalities based upon race, class, gender and/or religion
  • Students will recognize and comprehend the use of sociological research
  • Students will utilize, apply and comprehend appropriate communication skills regarding society and social issues
  • Students will recognize future career and educational objectives through synthesizing course work into the field experience