Course Descriptions

SPanish Course Descriptions

SPA-designated courses qualify as Humanities or Liberal Arts electives.

SPA101, SPA102

Elementary Spanish I, II - 3 Credits each

This course sequence emphasizes the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The focus is on the acquisition of vocabulary which is practical and applicable to students' lives. Attention is also given to the understanding of Hispanic culture. Students are strongly encouraged to complete both semesters of elementary Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPA101 is a prerequisite for SPA102.

SPA201, SPA202

Intermediate Spanish I, II - 3 Credits each

This Spanish course allows students to further develop language proficiency while learning the cultural diversity of the Spanish speaking world. This course is an expansion of Spanish101, 102 and will include academic contexts through the use of authentic cultural materials, readings and audio-visuals.

Prerequisite: SPA102. SPA201 is a prerequisite for SPA202.

SPA301, SPA302

Spanish Readings and Discussions I, II - 3 Credits each

Introduction to Spanish literature, taught in Spanish, for second language learners and Spanish speaking students. The course is devoted to reading and discussions of short stories and selected works by contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American authors. This course requires reading, oral discussion, writing of small essays and grammatical knowledge.

Prerequisite: SPA202. SPA301 is a prerequisite for SPA302.