Hear what students say about their experience at Post University

"Post's business core makes the university a good choice. You have a set foundation that helps you get into any field out there. Career services help with the Co-op program and help you find internships. It's a good business based school and is very good for graduates going right into the workforce. It prepares you in all areas that matter."

Samantha Delregno - Biology, Business Admin. Minor in Chemistry

"If you like a small school atmosphere it's definitely the school for you. You really get to know everybody. The accounting program is really good here. The teachers here are right out of the professional world. If you have any questions on what working in the field is like or what you'll need to be successful, they'll give you a lot of help. Athletics-wise we have a really good program. The baseball program is definitely on the way up."

Gregory Romer - Accounting Major, Student Athlete, Baseball Team

"I chose Post because the school is family oriented and also because of the attention the faculty and staff pays you. The teachers are dedicated and make sure you learn. I love it here. I'm very family oriented and this small campus really makes me feel at home. You get to know everybody here and everybody enjoys everybody else. Post University has a great career service program where the school helps you find internships. I've done a couple of internships and the experience was worth it. The career service program here actually helps a lot of people find jobs. It helps you with your resumes and helps a lot with the internships. Actually, every internship I've gotten, was through Career Services. I'm grateful that Post University pushed me to do the internships because now I have experience under my belt. Experience goes a long way these days. It's so important when you're looking for a job. I enjoy playing sports here. It's very competitive and I love the competition. We have a great family atmosphere on our team."

Jesse Iyalekhue - CIS Major, Student Athlete, Basketball Team

"I was looking for a smaller school that offered smaller class sizes. The teachers here are able to provide more attention to each student, and they are also able to get to know you. I really love the teachers. They truly get to know you and your interests and help you pick the right internship for you. If they see you're struggling, they'll help find the right classes for you. One took me under her wing and told me I should get involved in the student government here. I did, and now I'm the treasurer of the SGA. (Student Government Association) I really like the student activities here."

Katie Marcus - Accounting Major

"Two of my cousins went to Post and told me how good the school was. I've met a lot of different people during my four years here – it's been exciting! The professors were always focused on everyone in the class because of how small the classes are. I graduated in May, now I'm back working on my MBA."

Tiffany Moore - CIS Major, Art Management Minor, MBA Program now

"You're not just a name and number here. The teachers know you and you get a real one on one experience. I enjoy the campus experience. I came here for the Equine program because it's based more on the business aspects and not as much on how to manage a farm or how to buy and sell horses.
We had a class where we had to design our own business. We had to figure out how we were going to bring in income and it really shows you where that income goes. You see all this money coming in and then you realize your horse needs food, water, you have to think of the overhead costs of electricity, tax and rent. You really can't assume that you're getting all this money from selling a horse. You have to think about what it took to keep that horse until you sold it.

Our teachers want us to be successful. They tell us we really need to have something to set us apart from other businesses.

Ms. Baker gets to know each of us individually and our own personal skills. She talks to us about what our niche is going to be when we graduate and the possibilities of what we can do in the field."

Chelsea Conklin - Equine Business Management

"Here at Post we have small classes. Sometimes there are as few as 10 people in a class. The more one on one time you get with a teacher, the better they get to know you and the stronger the bond becomes between teacher and student. You make friends on campus that are going to be your friends your whole life. You're like one big family. We come together on days when we have nothing to do - you know - just buy some chips and watch some movies together. Sometimes we go off campus and go to the mall or hit the arcade. The RAs design programs for us students too. They're fun. For example: they've had different seminars where professionals visit to tell us about their experiences in their fields. My freshman year we had a physician come in and tell us about medicine and explained the process of becoming a doctor and what we could expect. I plan on going to a nursing school and become a full time nurse."

James Boone - Biology Major

"At Post, everyone knows who you are. You're more like a family rather than a number. Everything is localized too. It's not like you have to go across town to another campus. I am a senior majoring in Environmental Science. The university helped me get an internship doing environmental work. When it comes to getting a job, it puts me in a better position than other candidates with all the hands on experience that is offered. My teachers noticed something special about me and helped me choose the right courses and get information about internships in the field. That's really what's important, the fact the teachers are so available and can work with you as an individual."

Michael Toretta - Environmental Science Major

"Some of my classes have as few as six or seven students. You can talk to your professors about assignments, you can get them to look things over for you before they're do. The small classes mean the teachers really have time for you. When I graduate I plan to go to law school and I hope to practice law in the field of finance, or maybe as a corporate lawyer working on transactions or on mergers and acquisitions."

Sasha Turner - Finance Major

"I really like Post's Early Childhood program. I'm a commuter. There's plenty of parking here and everybody's nice and friendly. This past semester I participated in a "practicum" which is an internship in a preschool setting. It called for me to do 100 hours, but I was able to do more than 120. It really was a valuable experience."

Alicia Kenworthy - Early Education Major

"Post is a lot different from other schools. You have a tight knit community here, and it's nice to have a close relationship with your teachers. I also enjoy being a student-athlete. It's a lot of work, but you get to meet a lot of people and you get to travel, so it adds a little excitement to your life. Post has a good community. There are a lot of things to do here. There are a lot of student activities and a lot of opportunities for coops too."

Nicole Gizzi - Biology Major

"Post offers a lot of programs that other schools don't. The faculty and staff are really nice too."

Jennifer Pfeffers - Legal Studies Major

"Post's Career Center really helps you prepare for a job search. I met with a Post counselor named Shannon. She helped me create a resume and search for jobs. She also helped me figure out what to wear to an interview, what to say and to make sure I followed up with thank you cards afterward. "

Alicia Kenworthy - Early Childhood Education

"I feel like Post is a family. It's a small school and everybody sticks together. It's nice to go to a smaller school because around here, everybody knows your name, everybody knows what sport you play. With a small school you can get to know your professors better and you can have a lot of one on one time with them. With a big school you can't really do that. Going to a small school is better because there are fewer kids in a class. As far as a bigger school goes, you have more than 25. I'm doing an internship with Full Circle Sports Management in Standford, CT. Post helped be obtain this internship. It's nice living on campus because you get to know a lot of people. The school does a lot for us. They do a lot of activities for us. I'm from Waterbury, and I still live on campus. I 'm glad I didn't stay home."

Rob MacLean - Management Major, Student Athlete, Basketball Team

"I came here because it was close to home. At Post everybody knows each other and the professors are nice."

Stephanie Spildano - Human Services