Grads on the Move

Stephen Well

Why did you choose Post University?

The big reason was location. I lived in Waterbury so it was close. I also got good recommendations from people that I knew. And the financial aid was very good for me. They gave me more money than anyone else and made it so I could go to school without having to take out a lot of loans and stuff.

How did you land your position at IBM?

Actually, it’s a funny story. When I got out of school, and even all through school, I was in the building trade. So, when I graduated, I went full time in construction. Then, I called the Post career services person, looking to see what else might be out there. IBM was looking for someone in accounting, and I fit the bill.

Do you feel you received the kind of education you needed to be successful at IBM?

I think the breadth of different courses and curriculum throughout both programs really helped for my current role. Right now, I’m a team leader. I got promoted about two years after I started.

Did you think Post was affordable and provided a good return on your investment?

Yes, definitely. It was a great experience going there, and the different professors and students were great. I even got support from the staff after I graduated. I know they do that for everyone, so it’s definitely a good thing. If I wasn’t here at IBM, I’d still be swinging a hammer at half the income.

In comparison to other schools where you applied, was Post more or less affordable?

Post gave me a substantially more financial aid than other schools.

What one thing about Post was most influential in your ability to compete in the work world?

I think it really goes to the overall attitude of the school. I got so much individual attention and one-on-one time with professors. At other schools, you have 200 people in a class. In my accounting classes at Post, I had the same 8 to 9 students and the same professors for all four years. I got a much better education because of the smaller classes.