Grads on the Move

Tony Sperduti

Tony SperdutiWhy did you choose Post University?
I was at a career fair when I was a junior in high school. I met Tom Van Stone and told him that I wanted to major in business. He was a business major and spoke really well about Post's business program. I also wanted to stay in state and the other school I was interested in was more expensive.

You started as a Business major and changed to Accounting. Why?
I switched my major after taking financial accounting with professor Dumont. I did really well in financial accounting. Then I took managerial accounting and just fell in love with it, so I switched my major.

What has your experience been so far?
I really enjoy it. It's a really small campus so it gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people and get really involved. I'm a peer educator, a member of the SGA, and a mentor.

Tell me about your experience in the Post's First University Living Learning Community.
Well, we had two peer educators. At first I didn't really utilize the program, and then I started taking a class with a peer educator, and I learned so much. It was also a fun experience and everybody got really close. We would leave our doors open and it created a really friendly, personal environment. We did a lot of things together as a group. It was really nice.

What one thing about Post University do you feel is going to help you reach your career goals?
Definitely the support I have from my professors. They really, really go above and beyond in trying to help students make connections. They have alumni come and talk to their students. They're helping me get a summer internship. They just really use their connections to help us get ahead. Their goal is to make sure we get a job before we even graduate. It's great to have a backbone of support from your professors.

Do you think Post is affordable and will be a good return on your investment?
It is if you put forth the effort. The more you apply for scholarships, the more you get. In terms of cost, it's right in the middle. But after financial aid packages, it's definitely affordable. I do think it's going to be worth my investment. The faculty members really want to support the students. They really do give each student individual attention. And they try to hook you up with internships, so when you're ready to graduate you either have your foot in a door or you're really close to it.

In comparison to other schools where you applied, was Post more or less affordable?
Post was more affordable.

What did you like best about attending Post University?
When I was a freshman, I became friends with a lot of the upperclassman and they really encouraged me to get involved. I got interested in residence life and I became a peer educator and then got free room and board so school became even more affordable for me. It also led me to do other things. I got involved in SGA as the sophomore class president, and then I got involved with clubs. I want to do the same for the freshmen who come in after me. I really want to ‘pay it forward' to incoming freshmen.

How did you land the co-op with BlumShapiro?
When I was a junior at Post I went to BlumShapiro for a "career exploration" or open house. There I met Michael Frenza and he offered to give me his contact information. The summer going into my senior year I asked Michael for some professional advice and help, telling him I was looking to intern at a CPA firm. He forwarded my resume to Blum's HR department. From there I was offered an interview for a winter internship, in which Professor Taddei wrote me a wonderful recommendation for. A week later, HR contacted me and let me know I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to intern with Blum.

Tell me about your experience with the co-op. Were you able to apply what you were learning to the position?
The Internship with Blum was an all around good experience. I was able to apply what I learned in my various accounting classes to the internship. However, the overall work was something that could have only been taught through experience. The internship required a lot of patience, critical thinking and the ability to seek help. I spent a lot of my time asking questions, taking notes, and studying the work papers in prior years to get a grasp on what I was trying to do.

How did to feel to be offered the staff position at the end of your co-op?
Being offered a full time staff position was a great feeling. With graduation only a week away, I'm thankful I won't have the stress of looking for employment. I feel that all the hard work and dedication was definitely worth it.

What will your responsibilities be in your new position? When do you start?
My responsibilities will be that of an entry level staff auditor. I will perform testing procedures for audits, assist in reviews and compilations, and absorb the massive amount of information that will be thrown at me. My start date is June 6, and I can't wait.