Main Campus Division


Full-time main campus students are those who register for courses starting in September and/or January and who take at least 12 but no more than 18 credits per semester. Any student taking over 18 credits will be subject to $875 per credit hour fee.

Annual fees



(No Increase since 2012-13 award year)
$26,250 $26,250
Okinaga Hall Room & Board1
  $12,230 $11,800
Traditional-Style Room & Board   $10,430  
West, South & Paparazzo Room & Board     $11,000
Middle & East Room & Board     $10,500
Student Service Fee2   $1100 $1,100
Technology Fee3   $100 $100

1The University Board plan consists of 19 meals per week. Students living off campus may also participate in the University's meal plan. Additional information can be obtained from the Student Services Office.

2The Student Service fee supports extracurricular experiences for Post University students. This includes the Student Government Association, which supports student clubs and organizations and their programs, such as leadership training, residence hall councils; the Programming Board, which provides artists and entertainment for the entire campus; and additional services that support students outside the classroom.

3The Technology Fee is paid by full-time students for technological accommodations and equipment provided at the University.

2014-2015 Additional Fees that May Apply to You

Health Insurance Fee*
All full-time students must have health insurance coverage. Students will be automatically enrolled in University's insurance plan unless they complete a waiver that indicates they already have insurance coverage on or before the first day of classes.


Lab/Studio Fees

Laboratory and studio courses carry a fee that is used to cover expendable supplies. The fee for these courses will appear on your account.

$75-$100 per 3-credit course

Orientation Fee

New, full time students pay an orientation fee in their first semester at the University.


Orientation Fee, International Students
New, full time international students pay an orientation fee in their first semester at the University.


Application Fee

Application for admission to the University must be accompanied by a $25 application fee.


Late Payment Fee

A late tuition payment fee is applied to accounts if full-time tuition and fees are not received by the specified due dates.


Undergraduate Graduation Fee
This fee covers the cost of your cap and gown and other graduation-related expenses.


Late Registration Fee


Books and Supplies (annual estimate)

The cost of books and supplies will depend on the program of study. Students make payment directly to the Campus Store for all purchases.


*Electronic Course Materials    
(per course, as applicable.  If your courses include ECMs, you will not need to purchase textbook(s) for that course)


Declined Credit Card or Returned Check Fee

  • First time declined
  • Second time declined
  • Third time declined



A non-refundable fee paid to the US Government for F-1 students.


Transcript Copies

  • Official per copy
  • Unofficial per copy



In order to ensure a position in a starting class, new students should send in an enrollment deposit within thirty (30) days after they have been accepted to the University. Deposits are applied towards a student's tuition.

New student's deposit
Students who will live on campus          $300
Students who will live off campus          $150
Deposits are NOT refundable after May 1st.

Payment Schedule
Payments are due to Post University by July 15 for the Fall Semester and December 15 for the Spring Semester

Part-time Main Campus Students

Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits hours per semester are classified as part-time students. The tuition for part-time students is as follows:

Tuition                                                   2014-2015    

Campus Day Course Fee*               $875/credit

Auditing Fee                                         $437.50/credit

Senior Citizens Fee                            $300/course
A senior citizen (a person 62 years of age or older) may enroll in one or more credit courses on a space-available basis. Proof of age is required.

Monthly Payment Plan

In order to facilitate the payment of annual charges, Post University offers students a monthly payment plan.  These charges include tuition, room, board and other fees less any deposits and financial aid. A monthly payment plan agreement can be obtained from the Office of Student Accounts. An established and approved monthly payment plan for up to ten months requires payment be made by the 15th of each month.  Details of the Post University Monthly Payment Plan are forwarded to students in April.

Late Payments

Payment of fees is due by July 15th and December 15th, or monthly as determined in the monthly payment plan agreement. Students must pay their fees on or before the set due dates or they will be charged a late payment fee. If circumstances are such that payments cannot be made by the scheduled date, it is critical that the student contact the Office of Student Accounts to make special payment arrangements. These arrangements must be agreed to in writing between the student and the Office of Student Accounts no later than one week prior to the payment due date. An account that is not current will result in (1) denial of registration for courses (2) withholding of transcripts and degrees and (3) assessment of a late fee.


If there are outstanding balances, students may not register for classes, receive grades, graduate, or receive transcripts of courses from the University until all amounts due the University or any affiliated organization have been paid. Any outstanding balances, along with all expenses, are subject to collection for as long as they are outstanding.

Exceptions to interest charged on open balances:

  1. Interest will not be charged if 100% of any student’s open balance is covered by financial aid, all paperwork has been completed, and aid is received within 45 days.
  2. Interest will be charged only on the difference between what is owed and what is covered by financial aid as long as all paperwork is complete.
  3. Interest will not be charged if students are using work-study funds or are employed as a student worker with the Residential Life Department to settle account balances and have completed the necessary payroll documentation for direct funding to their Post University accounts.
  4. Interest will not be charged if students have signed payment plans on file and continue to make payments in accordance with their agreements.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements will indicate the open balance and activity on your account for the prior month. If you are on a monthly payment plan please follow the terms of the agreement. Any balance not covered by a monthly payment plan is due and payable within thirty (30) days.


Since faculty and staff salaries are made in advance of course activities and the cost of the physical campus are fixed, Post University must have a limited refund policy.  Only after a student's written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar will a refund be considered. The date of receipt by the Registrar will be the official withdrawal date.  The Registrar will determine the period of attendance and the Office of Student Accounts will calculate the refund and/or repayments to the federal, state, and Post University financial aid programs.

Refund of Title IV Federal Aid

For students who withdraw and were Title IV recipients, the University calculates the return of Title IV funds to the federal government.  The return of Title IV federal funds is calculated on a prorated basis from the student's date of withdrawal.  The University will return on a prorated basis a student's Title IV financial assistance if withdrawal occurs before the 9th week (60%) of the semester.

Room Deposits

Room deposits are non-refundable. 

Cancellation, Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, Dismissal

Students who cancel, withdraw for personal or medical reasons, or are dismissed (collectively referred to as "withdraw") will received a refund of tuition, room and board charges in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Tuition:
    • 100% of tuition charges will be credited if the student officially withdraws within the first week of the semester.
    • 50% of tuition charges will be credited if the student officially withdraws within the second week of the semester.
    • No credit of tuition will be granted if a student withdraws beyond the second week of the semester.

All students who drop below full-time status (fewer than 12 credit hours) after the established add/drop date will still be considered a full time student by the university.

  • Room:
    • Students who withdraw will be credited room charges according to the following schedule:
      • Within the:
        • 1st week          80%
        • 2nd week         60%
        • 3rd week          40%
        • 4th week          20%
  • Board:
    • In case of withdrawal before the end of a term, charges for board will be prorated on a weekly basis.

How to Pay Your Bill

You can pay your bill online and learn about payment options by visiting the Office of Student Finance page. For additional questions concerning tuition, fees or payment arrangements, you may also contact the Office of Student Finance by calling 800.345.2562 between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.