Academic Withdrawal

A student may provide official notification of his or her intent to withdraw from the University by contacting the Post University Office of Student Information in writing. The withdrawal date will be the date the student begins the school withdrawal process. Students who notify The Office of the Registrar orally will be required to confirm the oral notification of withdrawal in writing. Should the student withdraw from the University prior to the end of the semester, the official transcript will reflect a "W" (withdrawal) from all courses.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students may be withdrawn from any or all classes or from the University by the appropriate University administrator if they fail to attend class, display unjustifiable behavior, disrupt or impede the learning of other students, fail to answer University summons, or refuse to pay outstanding tuition balances. When such withdrawal occurs, an "AD" (Administrative Withdrawal) will be entered on the student's record. If withdrawal from course/courses occurs during the final third of the semester or module, a grade of "F" will be recorded. The faculty may initiate an administrative withdrawal. However, the Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve all "AD" requests concerning academic issues.

Students who have been administratively withdrawn from the University may not register for courses offered by the University, whether on-campus or online. Students on administrative withdrawal must contact the Office of the Registrar at 203-596-4615 to discuss being removed from administrative withdrawal and resume taking courses. Students who wish to resume taking classes must first gain approval from the Office of the Registrar. To begin this process, students must call 203-596-4615.

Withdrawal for Military Leave

Students in the Armed Services who have been activated or deployed with orders and are unable to continue their studies for an academic term (Semester or Module), must do the following:

  1. Notify their academic advisor, instructor and the Registrar’s Office that they have military orders that will prohibit them from continuing as a student in the current academic term

  2. Provide the Registrar’s Office with a copy of their military orders or other documentation that demonstrates a need to withdraw from the current academic term to meet the military needs of their branch of the service

Students who meet the criteria listed above are eligible for the following:

  1. If the request for withdrawal is during the first half of the Module/Semester, students will receive a grade of “W” for each course in which they are enrolled, no course credit shall be awarded, and the term shall not be counted as a term in residence. A full refund of tuition and/or room and board will be granted.

  2. If the request for withdrawal is after the first half of the Module/Semester, students can elect to 1) withdraw (W) from their classes and receive a full refund of tuition or 2) request an Incomplete (IN) from their instructors and make arrangements to complete all required course assignments within a specified timeframe.  (See Incomplete Policy in the University Catalog). The term shall count as a term in residence.
In the event that the student’s absence will extend into multiple terms, a student serving in the Armed Services will be granted a Military Leave of Absence while they are deployed.  The Leave of Absence will expire six (6) months after the end of the deployment.  Students on a Military Leave of Absence will be able to resume their education without the need of re-applying to Post University by contacting the Registrar’s Office.