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Tuition Assistance

The Department of Defense has standardized its Tuition Assistance (TA) program among all branches of the military. For active duty military members, military Tuition Assistance will cover up to 100% of tuition costs for all courses offered by nationally or regionally accredited institutions, as follows:



The maximum amount paid for Tuition Assistance: 100% Tuition and Fees not to exceed:


  • $250 per Semester Credit Hour ($750 per course)

  • $4500 per Fiscal Year (6 undergraduate courses per Fiscal year)

Post University has lowered its tuition, eliminated all fees and covered the cost of books, so you can earn your degree at no cost to you.

Undergraduate Tuition

$750 per course

Covered by Military Tuition Assistance Benefit



Waived by Post University



Covered by Post University

Graduate Tuition

$1,197 per course

Covered by Military Tuition Assistance Benefits and GI Bill Top-Up Program Benefits*



Waived by Post University



Covered by Post University

*The Army Tuition Assistance (TA) program is open to nearly all soldiers (officers, warrant officers, enlisted) on active duty, and Army National Guard and Army Reserve on active duty (AG/R status).¬† To get more information on TA restrictions, download AR 621-5 (Army Continuing Education System Regulations).¬† Top-Up Benefits are available to Active Duty personnel who are using Federal Tuition Assistance and who are CH 30 MGIB-AD eligible. 

Post University qualifies for the DoD TA program and is listed in the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Catalog of Nationally & Regionally Accredited Distance Learning Programs. This catalog can be found in each base/installation education office. An Education Services Officer (ESO) should be able to advise you on program eligibility.


GoArmyEd Online Tuition Assistance Application Process

In order to obtain tuition assistance, please follow the steps below:

If you have not created a Go Army Ed user account, please visit to create an account for yourself. If you need assistance with setting up your GoArmyEd account please contact your ESO or your Commanding Officer.

The Post University and GoArmyEd sites are not linked. You will need to first register for your course(s) at Post University by clicking here.

Once you have registered for your Post University course(s), follow these step-by-step instructions to register for your class(es) on GoArmyEd:

Example: ENG101


  1. Log into Homepage 

  2. Look for "My Virtual Education Center" box 

  3. Click on "Enroll or Drop from a Course" 

  4. Click on "Request TA & Enroll in Course" 

  5. Scroll to bottom of page and click on "Account Info Verified"

  6. The "Select Classes to Add" screen should be displayed 

  7. Make sure the "Select Term dates" are correct for the course start date you wish to enroll in.

  8. Click on ‚ÄúSearch‚ÄĚ which is the green button underneath ‚Äúfind classes‚ÄĚ (Do not enter class # here)
    This will bring you to the Search Class Schedule page.

  9. Under Class Search Criteria: Enter the following info: School (Post > Subject (ENG) > Catalog # (101) > Class Type must be "TA"
    This is all the info you need to enter on this page

  10. Scroll to bottom and Click Search 

  11. Look for class/session/start date 

  12. Click on top of the check mark next to the appropriate class, this is how you select to enroll in that particular course

  13. Click on "Proceed to Step 2 of 3"

  14. Confirm class

  15. Click on "Process Enrollment"


A few other things you should know:

  • TA eligibility checks will be automated. If TA is approved, a request for enrollment will be passed electronically to the school.

  • If the TA request is not approved, you will be notified about the steps you will need to take. Education Center personnel will be available to assist with resolving TA issues.

  • You will need to get your Commander's signature on a TA Statement of Understanding (SOU) each year. Sergeants First Class (SFC) and above may sign for themselves in place of the Commander. Each term you will need to recertify the TA SOU online.

  • If you need to withdraw from class, the withdrawal must be done online through The withdrawal will be forwarded to the school.

  • If you withdraw for military reasons, you Unit Commander information will be required with the military reason for withdrawal. The request is subject to verification. If the military reason is approved, TA repayment will be waived.

  • Remember that fraudulent requests for military reasons are subject to disciplinary action or criminal charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

  • A listing of schools that provide upfront TA are listed on the GoArmyEd website under the ‚ÄúEarn A Degree‚ÄĚ link. Click on ‚ÄúSchools and Programs‚ÄĚ.



Refunds for Military personnel dropping/withdrawing from courses are handled according to the following chart:

Drop/Withdrawal Refund Percent
0-6 Days After the Course Start Date  100%
7-13 Days After the Course Start Date  50%
14 or More Days After the Course Start Date  0%

Students receiving financial aid should consult with the Office of Student Finance to determine how their award package may be affected. The Office of Student Finance makes disbursements after the end of the Add/Drop period in order to determine a student’s enrollment¬†status and eligibility.