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Graduate Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring


Post University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is designed to provide participants with a set of tools, techniques and skills that will allow them to enhance their ability to coach and mentor people within their command.  The Program will enable participants to discern between supervising and coaching, two distinct functions within an organization.  Understanding the methods, processes and best practices involved in coaching and mentoring will provide participants with new skills that encourage an increased level of involvement, commitment and responsibility by employees.


Courses focus on understanding how organizational and human dynamics have changed and now require a need for increased employee engagement.  Students will explore the concepts of positive organizational scholarship, enhanced motivational techniques, and ways to engage in coaching conversations that improve morale.  Students also will study emotional intelligence, as well as ways to identify and build on one’s strengths rather than focus on one’s weaknesses.  Students will set specific coaching goals and lay out developmental plans for people within their command.



  • Wishing to enhance engagement levels of the people within your command
  • Interested in increasing your abilities to coach and mentor subordinates
  • Dealing with complex issues and situations related to people within your command
  • Dealing with high potential people within your command




BUS660 Leadership and Change Management
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3 crs.
BUS612 The Practice of Coaching & Mentoring
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3 crs.
BUS613 Coaching for Performance
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3 crs.
Graduate Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring Total Credits 9 crs.