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Graduate Certificate in Performance Management


Post University’s Online Graduate Certificate in Performance Management is designed for professionals within organizations who are interested in Organizational Dynamics, Human Dynamics, and the accompanying systems that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both. The program provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to think systemically regarding performance management, which includes thinking through the management and leadership aspects of leading organizations into the future; managing organizations for high performance in a rapidly changing business environment; creating innovation within organizations; and benchmarking, measuring and rewarding individual and team performance.


Each course within the certificate program is designed to provide specific elements that build a collective whole, which will provide students with specific skills as well as the larger picture when it comes to Performance Management. Students will explore vision development and deployment related to performance. They also will delve into the areas of organizational structuring, vision development, talent acquisition, and the development, retention and reward of employees. Students also will learn about the various measurement systems related to human performance and the systems for developing a comprehensive performance management system.



  • Wishing to enhance engagement levels of the people within your command
  • Interested in increasing your abilities to coach and mentor subordinates
  • Dealing with complex issues and situations related to people within your command
  • Dealing with high potential people within your command




BUS508 The Future of Management and Leadership II
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3 crs.
BUS515 Organizational Dynamics and Effectiveness
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3 crs.
BUS665 Unleashing and Sustaining Innovation in the Organization
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3 crs.
BUS661 Benchmarking, Measuring and Rewarding Performance
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3 crs.
Graduate Certificate in Performance Management Total Credits 12 crs.