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Testimonials - Sergeant First Class Sherwyn Gibbs


Sergeant First Class Sherwyn GibbsSFC. Sherwyn Gibbs, who is originally from East Orange, NJ, enlisted in the Army in 1997. He went through Basic Training in Ft. Benning, Georgia and then spent four more years there. In 1998, he was sent to Kuwait.


After a four-year stint in Schweinfurt, Germany, SFC. Gibbs was deployed to Iraq for a year as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Currently he's taking courses and serving as a full-time recruiter for the Army.


“The online program at Post is awesome,” says SFC Gibbs. “I've had nothing but good experiences.” Gibbs earned a substantial number of college credits for his military experience, and expects to complete his degree by 2010.


“My advisor is fantastic, and the faculty is very responsive and supportive,” adds Gibbs.
As a recruiter, SFC. Gibbs works 10-12 hour days. But by taking courses online, he can learn while he serves his country. “The online program gives me the ability to continue my education whether I am deployed or back home, and that is important to me as a soldier.”


Sgt. Gibbs logs on to his computer whenever he can find the time, but he says he doesn't mind the extra work.


“I know getting a college degree will help me get ahead,” he says. “This way, I don't have to wait until I leave the service to get a college education.”


Gibbs has been married for nine years and has an 6-year-old son. He and his family currently live in Connecticut.