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Testimonials - Sergeant First Class Stephanie Bacskay


Sergeant First Class Stephanie BacskaySgt. Stephanie Bacskay enlisted in the Army National Guard in 1999. She went through basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

She started her military career as a member of the Army National Guard Military Police. Sgt. Bacskay was stationed in Baghdad with her MP unit in 2003. In 2004, she became a Full-time Army National Guard recruiter stationed in Elyria, Ohio.

"I joined the military because I wanted to serve my country and I wanted to earn a college degree," says Bacskay. "I took some classes at a community college to get some pre-requisites out of the way."

Sgt. Basckay is now completing her degree through Post University Online.
"It's going well," says Bacskay. "This is the first time I've taken online classes. It fits with my very busy schedule."

Sgt. Bacskay says she received a lot of credit for her military experience and community college courses, so she's equivalent to a junior in college.

"The credit I got from Post made all the difference," says Bacskay. "I realized that a bachelor's degree really was obtainable even though I'm working and have a baby," she adds. "I thought the online program was going to be more difficult because I wasn't going to be in front of the instructor and have that one-on-one contact, but I came to find out that I learned so much just from the discussion board. You learn from other people's experiences, just like you do in the military. It's so much more convenient for me with a baby and a job. I'm telling a lot of my military friends about it, too."

Sgt. Bacskay and her husband, who is a Combat Engineer in the Full Time National Guard, live with their daughter, in Ohio.