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Certificate in Performance Management


The Post University undergraduate Certificate in Performance Management is designed to introduce students to the principles and techniques of developing and communicating performance standards, and understanding the importance of those standards in modern organizations. By using a mix of traditional human resource courses with new developments in the field, students will be better able to measure their own work performance as well as evaluate and improve the performance of co-workers and their organizations.




MGT105 Principles of Management*


Principles of Management - 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the principles of management examining their application in public and private, profit and non-profit organizations. Students will explore the areas of employee motivation, group behavior, leadership, strategic planning, organizational design, and career opportunities. Fundamental concepts of management, effective communication competency, ethical dilemmas faced by managers and corporate social responsibility will be explored.

3 crs.
MGT201 Human Resources Management


Human Resource Management - 3 Credits

This course includes the presentation, analysis, and discussion of the specific functions of a Human Resources Department, including human relations knowledge and skills vital to the success of any Human Resources manager. Students will explore the standards of performance that are expected of managers, subordinates, and the organization with a special emphasis on the supportive relationships needed between employees and their organizations. This course also will explore a number of contemporary and controversial issues related to Human Resource Management.

Prerequisite: MGT105

3 crs.
MGT308 Training and Development


Training and Development - 3 Credits

This course focuses on the role of training and employee development in organizations. It acquaints students with current theory on learning and program design, training methods and evaluation, e-learning and the use of technology in training, and the relationship of training to career management.

Prerequisite: MGT201

3 crs.
MGT312 Setting, Communicating and Reviewing Performance Standards


Setting, Communicating and Reviewing Performance Standards - 3 Credits

Developing and setting clear performance expectations is a critical part of modern management. Preparing and conducting performance reviews is a historically underdeveloped skill in management yet is crucial to superior organizational and individual performance. Equally important is the ability to effectively communicate and adjust these expectations. These skills are vital to organizational and individual success.

In this course students will learn the processes of goal setting and matching individual goals to organizational goals, and gain practice in the communication of these goals to individuals and groups. Special emphasis is placed on the development and use of proper performance metrics. Students will examine communication techniques, identify positive actions, employ analytical tools to reinforce "systems thinking", and practice coaching techniques designed to encourage positive individual and organizational results. Students will learn to construct a collaborative approach to the performance review process. Students will explore various methods of performance assessment, learn how to manage expectations for a review session, and create an atmosphere for positive collaboration between the reviewer and subordinate to maximize learning opportunities. Students will prepare metrics for performance measurements, develop written review documents, conduct mock review sessions, and conduct research into performance assessment and review methods.

The course includes a review of current management literature, as well as role playing exercises, case study examination, written communications practices, and multimedia presentations.

Prerequisites: MGT105, MGT201 or concurrent

3 crs.
MGT322 Management Coaching, Employee Development & Corrective Intervention


Management Coaching, Employee Development & Corrective Intervention - 3 Credits

Today's ever changing economic, business, and social climate requires the manager to constantly review operations and to take corrective actions whenever individuals or groups are not achieving required results. Today's leaders must assure that everyone, including the leader, take responsibility for performing their jobs as effectively as possible. In this course, students will learn skills in matching performance metrics to organizational goals, study the use of behavioral techniques and their application in directing performance, and understand the need for aligning organizational strategy with individual performance along with the management and coaching techniques required to ensure positive results. Students will learn performance coaching techniques including behavioral style analysis, motivational methods, and practice the alignment of individual and group goals. Exercises will include practical work in listening and questioning techniques, planning development actions, implementing development plans and methods for monitoring progress. In addition, the critical area of rewards and incentives is examined in depth. Extensive examination is given to the different personal motivational factors of individuals and how those affect their decision making and other behavioral processes that lead to successful job performance. Students will examine compensation systems, traditional and non-traditional reward methods, and the effectiveness of these methods. Students will develop a better understanding of their own internal motivations, develop the ability to recognize those motivating factors in others, and design reward systems that truly promote high performance.

3 crs.
Certificate in Performance Management Total Credits 15 crs.


* Course waived per USAREC-RRS/Post University articulation agreement