Post University Celebrates First Graduating Class of Online MBA Students

Post University is proud to announce that its first class of MBA students will graduate on May 9.  After a year or more of intense work in the Accelerated Master of Business Administration, graduates have successfully complete 36 credit hours that culminated with a Capstone Project.  Six students in the Entrepreneur Track developed a comprehensive business plan, while the other six developed a comprehensive proposal in the Corporate Innovation Track.

As part of their Capstone courses, students had the opportunity to develop a business plan either for their work organization or for a new venture they plan to undertake.  Two business plans were written for organizations in need.  The first student to complete a business plan lives in Georgia, yet volunteered to write a plan for the Waterbury, Conn., Habitat for Humanity organization, focusing on the development of a new ReStore organization.  Another student established a plan focused on establishing an Internet radio station for Post University.  Other examples of student work include:  an eco-friendly proposal to a school district for recycling cafeteria items, a business plan for a new dance studio, and a plan for a construction firm to expand into Dubai.  Several students developed formal, comprehensive proposals for the implementation of new processes within their respective organizations. 

Post University Online MBA Graduates work for organizations such as UTC, Sikorsky Helicopter, school systems, and various healthcare organizations and insurance companies.  The faculty, administration and staff of Post University congratulate them all on their professionally developed plans and success in the program.

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