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Post University Creates New Jobs and Opens New Facility to Support Growing Demand for Online Higher Education

WATERBURY, Conn. (April 14, 2010) -- To support a growing demand for high quality higher education, Post University has opened a new facility on Straits Turnpike in Middlebury and hired an additional 30 employees with plans to add another 80-100 employees over the next several months.

Included among the new hires are academic advisors, academic program managers, admissions counselors, tuition planners, and support staff.

Since 2005, Post University has so far added 130 new positions to support its growing number of students, as well as new undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including the first completely online MBA and Master of Education degree programs in the state, and new athletics programs, including men’s and women’s NCAA Division II swimming and tennis, women’s lacrosse, and a Collegiate Sprint Football team that will take the field for the first time in September against the University of Pennsylvania.

“Post University is delighted to be able to bring more good-paying jobs to the Waterbury area,” said Francis X. Mulgrew, President of Post University Online. “Over the past several years, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of people looking to improve their skills and career opportunities by enrolling at our main campus and through the undergraduate and graduate Accelerated Degree Programs offered at Post University.”

Enrollment at the University’s main campus in Waterbury and through its Accelerated Degree Programs, which are offered during evening and weekends at four locations in the state and online, has climbed from fewer than 1,200 degree-seeking students in 2004 to more than 5,000 today. Post University is now the largest provider of online education in the state.

Saida Luciano-Ross of Waterbury not only landed a new job at the University supporting the Accelerated Degree Programs, but will proudly accept her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Post University at Commencement on May 8 -- one week before her daughter will graduate from college. “The deal was that Mom was going to finish college before my two older children,” she said. “I made it by a week!”

Luciano-Ross, who has five children, started taking courses in 1978 at Post Junior College while she was still in high school. She then, “took a detour” and never finished her degree until 2009 when she earned her Associate’s degree in Management from Post University.

Like many adult learners, Luciano-Ross’s decision to complete her degree was based on changes in the job market. “In 2007, I got laid off from my quality specialist job for an aerospace company that closed its Connecticut plant. The company gave me the opportunity to come back to school and complete my associate’s degree. I was laid off for 19 months and unable to find a job, so I went for my bachelor’s.” In July, Luciano-Ross took a part-time job, but continued pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

“It was scary to go back to school,” said Luciano-Ross. “I was worried if I could do this. I started with one class and that smoothed my way into it…and helped me to focus and prepare myself as a working mom to go back to school. You have to put school work up high in your schedule.”

Founded in 1890, Post University is a student-focused, career-driven university committed to providing students with the knowledge, personal skills and experience required to be leaders in their chosen fields. Located in Waterbury, Conn., Post University provides a wide array of degree programs for on-campus and online students of all ages. It is known for its quality, career-driven academic programs, small classes, and competitive NCAA Division II athletics. Its more than 5,000 full- and part-time students come from the United States and abroad, and are supported by faculty whose mission is to prepare students to compete and succeed in today’s global workplace. To learn more about Post University, visit or call 800-345-2562.