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ADP Academic Advising

Post University’s Academic Success Counselor program is an integral part of the University’s academic support services. It provides each student with personalized and proactive coaching provided by a member of the Advising Team.

Post University’s Academic Advisors and Academic Success Counselors assist students in selecting majors, scheduling courses, and interpreting and fulfilling academic policies and procedures. They also serve as mentors, providing students with practical advice and guidance on how best to achieve their academic, personal and career goals.

Once a student selects a major, the Advising Department assigns a member of the full-time instructional staff to serve as that student’s advisor. The student also may request a specific faculty advisor.

Post University’s Success Counselors assist students in scheduling courses, interpreting and fulfilling academic policies and procedures, as well as providing direction when it comes time to search for internships or a full time job after graduation. These advisors are specialists in their fields and provide students with a real-world view of what to expect once they graduate with their degree.

A student is encouraged to work with both their Academic and Faculty Advisor to ensure success throughout their academic career at Post.

Academic Advising for main campus students is located in Torrance Hall. For general questions, please call 203.596.4539.

ADP Academic Success Counselor Contact Information
For general questions, please call 800.345.2562, ext. 2508. Students can locate their Academic Success Counselors name via WebReg.


For General questions please e-mail, or call1.888.801.7373

Common services include

  • Verify records for accuracy.
  • Assist with changing or declaring a major, minor, concentration, or degree level.
  • Help with course planning.
  • Confirm that electives chosen meet requirements.
  • Conduct Transfer Evaluations
  • Referral to other departments.
  • Assist in understanding University policy and help with compliance.
  • Prepare final "degree audit" prior to graduation.

How do you register for classes?

• Visit to register for online and regional classes
• You must register online for classes in the Accelerated Degree Programs,
• To meet graduation goals, it is a vital aspect of your program to plan out your academic schedule as far as you are able (through the last advertised MOD), and to register as soon as MODs are online and available for registration
• Payment or payment arrangements must be made prior to registration. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts before registering

You are encouraged to register at least two weeks prior to the start of classes.

Who can you turn to for more help?

For questions about registration, billing and Financial Aid questions:

The ADP Advising Guide can be found in the Quick Links section of the Advising page of the website, or by picking up a hard copy in the Advising Office. This is an invaluable resource that may answer most of your Advising questions.


To be considered a matriculated undergraduate student, either online or at a regional location, you must have completed these steps:

  • Submit an application form;
  • Declare a major;
  • Submit an official high school transcript or GED*;
  • Submit an Intent to Enroll form for the current term

*If you have completed a minimum of 12 credits at a regionally or nationally accredited college or university, you can submit an official transcript from that institution instead.