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SSG brian Baugh

Staff Sergeant Brian Baugh has been actively serving in the military for the last 9 years. Forgoing the typical college experience, SSG Baugh joined the military at the age of 18 and started out in Fort Irwin, California as a M1A1 tank crew member. In 2005 he served a term in Iraq before being assigned as an army recruiter out of Piqua, Ohio in 2006.

“While I was out on recruiting duty I became way more involved in the local economy and I came to the realization that there are not many career options for an Army tanker,” said SSG Baugh. After spending time outside of the military compound he found that not having that college degree would make him less marketable in the job field.

“While I was attending recruiting school I had a couple of friends tell me about Post University and that they gave you a lot of transferred credits for recruiting school so I started looking in to it. When I found out that Post also offers you a voucher for your books I realized that I had no excuse not to go to school.”

SSG Baugh, a Business Management major, always knew that he wanted to own his own business. His grandfather currently runs a restaurant chain so for him the decision to study business management was a simple one. “I’ve been around business my whole life,” said SSG Baugh.

After enrolling at Post, SSG Baugh started looking for a career field within the Army that would offer him the best opportunities post Army discharge. After coming across an opening in “Army Contracting Command,” SSG Baugh accepted a position where he does contract work with 3rd party vendors for military required items. SSG Baugh believes that his education at Post University has not only helped him excel within the Army, but will benefit him after. 

“Balancing my career, family and education has always been very challenging,” said SSG Baugh. “These are all very demanding parts of my life, but luckily all of my instructors have always understood about my career. My experience at Post has been very enjoyable; the staff has always been willing to go above and beyond.”

“My thought on online education is that it is perfect for a person that has a very demanding life,” explained SSG Baugh. “Yes, there are times I wish I was in a classroom just because sometimes I won’t understand how to do something and due to the time difference I can’t just call my teacher for clarification, but I never feel like I am set up for failure,” he added.

“I choose Post University because it offered me the most as far as transferring my military education in. Post is a very military friendly school and that makes it a lot easier for me as a student. I have had nothing but great experience since starting at Post and I am completely happy I choose this school. I definitely believe that it is worth every penny that has been spent,” said SSG Baugh.

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