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Bachelor of Science in Management/Sport Management
Degree Program

Core Program Outcomes

  1. Students will compare general management theories and principles and apply their knowledge in order to synthesize a personalized vision, management style and leadership approach.

  2. Students will demonstrate strategic thinking skills within a variety of business/organizational settings including decision making and planning in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

  3. Students will analyze a variety of management principles and compare the range of managerial responsibilities in a globally oriented environment and develop the ability to apply those principles in organizations.

  4. Students will demonstrate effective working knowledge of contemporary human resource issues including talent management, employment law, HR strategy, recruitment, employee socialization, training, compensation, benefits, organizational development and HR information systems.

  5. Students will evaluate individual and group behavior in organizations and the interpretation of this behavior in the context of the managerial environment. Students will assess the nature of such concepts as influence, power and control, attitudes, communication, conflict, and interpersonal relations as a means of understanding the dynamics of individual & group behavior.

  6. Students will identify and analyze the systems approach to management with a view towards the entire range of managerial responsibilities associated with achieving effective performance as a “learning” organization.

  7. Students will synthesize the management concepts that they have learned and engage in discussions and analysis of current issues, problems and challenges that managers face as they apply tools and techniques for the effective management of an organization’s human resources.

  8. Students will evaluate current research in their chosen management discipline.

  9. Students will communicate professionally in written and/or oral skills essential to success in the business environment.

  10. Students will explain overall operations and management of business organizations and the impact of those businesses in the overall economic system.

  11. Students will interpret ethical and professional behavior in business situations.