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Program Outcomes

  1. Students will develop theoretical and practical financial knowledge supported by the appropriate use of analytical and quantitative techniques to enable them to perform successfully in finance-related fields.

  2. Students will examine and evaluate finance principles and concepts from a global perspective across various industries and sectors.

  3. Students will evaluate market and organizational needs for developing, strengthening, and implementing corporate governance and risk management practices.

  4. Students will examine and apply ethical and professional behaviors to contemporary business situations.

  5. Students will communicate professionally with skills essential to success in the business environment.

  6. Students will demonstrate the ability to adapt to cultural differences and work effectively with a diverse, crossfunctional team towards completing group tasks and common goals.

  7. Students will identify, synthesize and integrate relevant business, finance and regulatory concepts to assist in providing innovative solutions to complex strategic and organizational challenges.

  8. Students will understand the scope of financial management and career opportunities within the field.