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Graduate Certificate in NOn-Profit Management


Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management 12 crs.
HSV540 Human Service Management and Information Technology


Human Service Management and Information Technology - 3 Credits

The course will survey the basic theoretical and conceptual skills required for the effective management of human service organizations in today’s varied and complex environment. The course also focuses on information technology applications and systems based on current computer and communication technology for human service managers.

3 crs.
HSV541 Financial Management of a Non-Profit Organization


Finanical Management of Non-Profit Organizations - 3 Credits

This course teaches students the principles of financial management required for the planning, budgeting, and control functions of human service organizations. It includes the skills required for the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, interim and end-of-year reports, and the financial disclosures required by agency funding sources.

3 crs.
HSV542 Human Resource Management


Resource Management in Human Services - 3 Credits

This course explores the working knowledge of human resource management in non-profit and public sectors of organizations using legal, technical and practical concepts. The course also examines issues related to compliance with federal and state employment laws, compensation systems, practical and affordable recruitment/retention strategies, problem performance analysis, and the development of personnel policies and job descriptions. The course teaches students how to combine human resource management theory with useful management practice to achieve organizational mission.

3 crs.
HSV544 Organizational Behavior


Organizational Behavior and Development - 3 Credits

This course explores individual and small group behavior in organizations and the interpretation of this behavior in the context of the managerial environment. The nature of such concepts as influence, power and control, attitudes, communication, conflict, and interpersonal relations is explored to provide understanding of the dynamics of group behavior within organizations.

3 crs.
Grand Total
12 crs.

The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time. The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website.

The Post University MSHSV program affords students the opportunity to take additional coursework toward licensure eligibility, but it is not a licensure program. As licensure is a professional process, it is up to each student to fully understand the licensure process as it varies from state to state and area of specialization. The faculty and staff in the MSHSV program are here to support and advise students on program requirements, but it is ultimately the responsibility of individual students to be in charge of his/her own licensure process and to make sure that all requirements are met in obtaining licensure. Post University does not speak on behalf of any licensing board or body.