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online Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching



Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching Core Courses 12 crs.
EDU630 Online Teaching and Learning


Online Teaching and Learning - 3 credits

This course provides students with the principles of online teaching and learning. Students will trace the history of online learning, investigate the similarities and differences between synchronous and asynchronous environments, examine research-based best practices in e-learning, and identify online teaching modes. The course serves as an introduction to online delivery and offers students the opportunity to identify quality online teaching environments and methods for maximizing student achievement in those environments.

3 crs
EDU633 Designing and Delivering Online Instruction


Designing and Delivering Online Instruction - 3 credits

This course will teach basic concepts of how to design an online course and teach in an online environment. Teachers will learn navigation skills and the toolset of a learning management system. Educators will have the opportunity to examine varied online instructional practices and have access to a learning management system to design an individual instructional module. Emphasis will be placed on research-based teaching practices that improve student achievement in online environments.

3 crs
EDU637 Online Assessment & Evaluation


Online Assessment & Evaluation - 3 credits

This course explores models for assessing and evaluating teaching and learning in the online environment. Appropriate evaluation methods; the creation of assessment tools, such as rubrics; and course management techniques will be the focus of the course. Students will interpret online learning policies ranging from those that pertain to both the individual and the institution, such as copyright and intellectual property, to national and international policies regarding delivery of online education. Students will examine a variety of quality indicators for the assessment of online programs, with an emphasis on those pertaining to teaching and learning.

3 crs
EDU639 Trends in Online Learning


Trends in Online Learning - 3 credits

This course examines current trends and future possibilities for models of online teaching and learning. Models of new course design, such as Massive Online Open courses (MOOCs), the use of OERs (Open Education Resources), social media, and web-based resources as course elements will be compared and critiqued. Additionally, students will analyze online trend data to synthesize a vision for the future of online learning. Students will explore the future of teaching and technology in the online environment.

3 crs
Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching Total Credits 12 crs.


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