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Post University Online Ranked In The Top 20 Nationally For The 3rd
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Post University named 4th best online college or university for 2012 by DoughRoller


Hear what students say about their experience at Post University

Justin Jones

Why did you choose Post University?

I was at the point in my career where I knew that I wanted to take that next step and go to that next level into senior management. I knew I would need to be more well-rounded with all the aspects of business, so that’s what initially drew me to the MBA program. I chose Post because I was really intrigued with the entrepreneurship concentration, and I thought I could get a two for one -- the MBA and the entrepreneurship know how.

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA while working full-time?

If I would have pursued my MBA right after I graduated with my undergrad, I really don’t think I would have gotten the full effect of the program. As I went through the program, I was able to relate the learnings to real-world situations. During my time at Post, I accomplished so many things and my career progressed as a result of the MBA program. It was a really cool and unique experience.

Did you think Post will provide a good return on your investment?

I’ve already gotten a great return on my investment. The cost of pursuing my MBA has well paid for itself already. I was surprised that it happened that quick. During the program, I developed a product and started a business. It’s called Squeeze Shot ( and I patented the invention. It all came about during the New Product Development course at Post, and it’s done pretty well. Also throughout my career I have always helped people with the job interviewing process. I was encouraged to amass that information and put it together in a book format, which then got picked up by a publishing company, and I ended up becoming a published author while at Post. [The book is] called the Powerhouse Interviewing Workbook (, and it focuses on the Q&A portion of the interviewing process.

It was the craziest two years of my life. On the corporate side, the program was extremely helpful in giving me a broad scope business education. I wrote a sales training manual for the company and wrote a business proposal for using the iPad with the sales force. The proposal was presented in front of the Executive Board and they’re going to implement it. I would not have even had the slightest clue on how to do this before the MBA program. It really put me in the spotlight at the company and has positioned me to get a promotion out of all this.

Did the Post program meet or exceed your expectations?

It completely exceeded my expectations without a doubt.  I had never done anything like online education before and I was even a little pessimistic about it.  Wow, was I surprised.  You definitely have to adapt to the different style, but it was amazing.

What one thing about the Post MBA program has had the greatest influence on your professional life?

Professor Brown was my mentor throughout the program, and he pushes and challenges you to the max, but he’s fair and he was a heck of a resource to have.

The capstone was a big eye-opener for me.  I developed a business plan and unless you’ve actually done that I don’t think you can have a real appreciation for what that process entails.  It was such a new and intense experience to take everything we learned over two years and then apply it toward our final  project.  It was humbling, but it was so exciting and rewarding in the end. 

Were you able to immediately apply what you were learning in the work world?

Absolutely.  That’s one of the benefits of waiting to pursue my MBA.  I really feel that I got so much more value of it because I was able to apply the education in real time.

What kinds of connections did you make with your professors and peers?

I made great connections.  It’s so strange that you develop this virtual relationship with people.  I really saw it all come together in the capstone and it became very fraternal.  You really bond with people.  Everybody was so encouraging and supportive, and they were there to help you along the way. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue an online MBA program?

I really believe that you need to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.  I tried to take more than one class a semester [MOD], but with my job it was too much.  By taking one class at a time, I could really focus on that one topic.  You need to be prepared to manage your time and be committed to it.  You’re going to get out of it what you put into it. 

Would you recommend Post’s Online MBA Degree Program to your friends/colleagues?

Oh absolutely; I already have.  The progression in my career has been pretty rapid.  Having the MBA behind my name makes me so proud.  Going to Post is a great way to continue your education and progress in your career. 

I never thought it would end, but the craziest thing is that now that it’s over with, I miss it.  I miss sharing my experience with my professors and the discussion boards with my classmates.   I attribute that to the program being really well put together.  It was a great experience and it’s such a fulfilling accomplishment.