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Post University named 4th best online college or university for 2012 by DoughRoller


Program Outcomes

Post University’s Healthcare MBA Program is an innovative and contemporary program designed to train the next leaders in healthcare, needed during this time of seismic change in the field.

Offered online, the program curriculum is focused on: leadership, organization, business and clinical care. 

  • Students will learns skills in providing effective, ethically guided leadership in designing, inspiring and leading a culturally responsible, high performance organization accountable for quality healthcare and improved population-based health.

  • Students will identify and utilize emerging trends in healthcare to design relevant care delivery models/systems and manage change that create quality and value.

  • Students will apply principles of communication to market the role of quality and value in a health organization’s strategic mission to both internal and external stakeholders, governmental and regulatory agencies.

  • Students will learn how to create and instill a culture of shared accountability, collaboration, creativity and innovation within the organization, health care system and community served.

  • Students will utilize specific strategies, tactics and tools to build, enhance, and advance human/organizational capacity and effectiveness through engaged individuals and integrated multidisciplinary teams that plan and implement change processes.

  • Students will interpret the economic climate, public policy and role of government in healthcare as context for collecting, tracking, analyzing and integrating accurate quality and financial data when making and supporting organizational decisions.

  • Students will select and apply appropriate data and decision-making tools, along with financial planning and customer relations models that guide program/process enhancing changes and performance/outcome measurement

  • Students will develop and manage effective care networking in project management while utilizing legal/regulatory guidelines to predict and manage differing forms of patient related risk.

  • Students will develop quality patient care delivery systems, utilizing data to reduce variability in clinical processes, improving quality, cost-effectiveness and outcomes of healthcare delivery

  • Students will integrate organizational science and population informatics and determining appropriate interventions across diverse populations and settings to ensure community health and safety.