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Courses Credits
Major Core 9 crs.
MGT105 Principles of Management


Principles of Management - 3 Credits

This course is an introduction to the principles of management examining their application in public and private, profit and non-profit organizations. Students will explore the areas of employee motivation, group behavior, leadership, strategic planning, organizational design, and career opportunities. Fundamental concepts of management, effective communication competency, ethical dilemmas faced by managers and corporate social responsibility will be explored.

3 crs
MGT201 Human Resources Management


Human Resource Management - 3 Credits

This course includes the presentation, analysis, and discussion of the specific functions of a Human Resources Department, including human relations knowledge and skills vital to the success of any Human Resources manager. Students will explore the standards of performance that are expected of managers, subordinates, and the organization with a special emphasis on the supportive relationships needed between employees and their organizations. This course also will explore a number of contemporary and controversial issues related to Human Resource Management.

Prerequisite: MGT105

    Prerequisite: MGT105
3 crs.
MGT411 Seminar in Human Resources Management


Seminar in Human Resource Management - 3 Credits

This course provides a discussion and analysis of the current issues and problems challenging individuals responsible for the effective management of an organization's human resources. Research by students in areas of personal interest is the basis for class discussions. These discussions seek to explore all points of view associated with these often controversial areas.

Prerequisite: MGT201.

    Prerequisite: MGT201
3 crs.
Electives (Choose any 3 of the following) 9 crs.
ENV315 General Occupational Safety and Health


General Occupational Safety and Health - 3 Credits

General Occupational Safety and Health are topics that should concern every person. How to find a listing of the federal regulations governing workplace safety and health, interpret the documents, and apply the information is the focus of this course. Students with a theoretical science background will have the opportunity to use that information in real-world settings, and those who excel in hands-on learning will find that this course allows them to utilize their strengths to learn science. Students may earn the 10-hour or 30- hour OSHA certification while learning not only rules and regulations, but also real-world applications of that material.

3 crs.
IBA325 Managing Culture and International Human Resources


Managing Culture and International Human Resources - 3 Credits

This course examines the role of culture in the operations of an organization. Students will explore ways to identify cultural differences and the fundamental definitions of cultural differences. Further exploration will be done on culture's impact on strategic approach, organizational structure, and different approaches to human resources. Students will learn of the new approaches toward creating international managers and team building across cultures.

Prerequisite: IBA301

    Prerequisite: IBA301
3 crs.
MGT303 Labor/Management Relations


Labor & Management Relations - 3 Credits

This course evaluates current problems encountered by management in the negotiation and administration of labor relation agreements and processes. Topics that will be explored and examined include preparation for bargaining agreements, costing of labor contracts, bargaining power, negotiations, impasses, the role of women in labor movements and the future of Labor & Management Relations.

Prerequisite: MGT201

    Prerequisite: MGT201
3 crs.
MGT305 Managing a Diverse Workforce


Managing a Diverse Workplace - 3 Credits

This course focuses on a variety of topics related to meeting the demands of an increasingly diverse workplace. Students will explore the difference among Affirmative Action, valuing diversity, and managing diversity. Characteristics of diverse populations, including ethnic minorities, gender issues, older workers, workers with disabilities, and foreign workers will be studied. Students will learn strategies for implementing diversity and building cooperation and trust among diverse work groups.

Prerequisite: MGT201

    Prerequisite: MGT201
3 crs.
MGT307 Compensation and Benefits


Compensation and Benefits - 3 Credits

This course focuses on the strategic choices in managing compensation. Major compensation issues are discussed in the context of current theory, research, and practice. Students will explore the issues that influence the determination of compensation and benefits in an organization, the design of the various forms of compensation and benefits, and how organizations manage the compensation system.

Prerequisite: MGT201

    Prerequisite: MGT201
3 crs.
MGT308 Training and Development


Training and Development - 3 Credits

This course focuses on the role of training and employee development in organizations. It acquaints students with current theory on learning and program design, training methods and evaluation, e-learning and the use of technology in training, and the relationship of training to career management.

Prerequisite: MGT201

    Prerequisite: MGT201
3 crs.
Total 18 crs.

The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time. The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website.