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ACC111 Financial Accounting


Financial Accounting - 3 Credits

This course is for the student to learn about accounting as an information development and communications function that supports economic decision-making. The course will help students perform financial analysis; derive and assess information for personal or organizational decisions; and understand business, governmental, and other organizational entities.

3 crs
CIS112 Introduction to Computing


Introduction to Computing - 3 Credits

This course strives to meet the high level of computer literacy required of all students earning a degree from the university. Special emphasis is placed on the ethical use of computer technology for information analysis and communications. Computer units introduce the Internet, Windows, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Students who feel they have attained computer literacy and earn 70 percent on an exemption exam may substitute any other 3-credit course for this core requirement. 

Students may prove competency by passing a waiver examination.  No credit is granted if the requirement is waived.

    Students may prove competency passing a waiver examination. No credit is granted if the requirement is waived.
3 crs
LAW101 Introduction to Law


Introduction to Law - 3 Credits

Students are introduced to the system of legal thought and practice. The course examines legal methods and terminology while providing an orientation to state and federal laws and court systems. Internet resources and instructional technology are part of all topics, including a survey of subject specific areas in the law.

3 crs
LAW203 Civil Litigation Practice


Civil Litigation Practice - 3 Credits

Students are introduced to all aspects of a civil lawsuit, including Jurisdiction, Rules of Procedure, Pleadings, Motions, Discovery, Trial Procedures, and the Appellate Process.

Prerequisite: LAW101.

    Prerequisite: LAW101
3 crs
LAW205 Legal Research


Legal Research - 3 Credits

Students become familiar with legal resource materials and how they are researched. Publications discussed include those that report Constitutional Law, Statutory Law, Case Law, Administrative Regulations, and Municipal Law.

Further, students are introduced to the American Digest System, Shepard's and Computer-Assisted Legal Research.

Research assignments introduce students to the legal research process.

Prerequisite: LAW101.

    Prerequisite: LAW101
3 crs
LAW415 Personal Injury Law


Personal Injury Law - 3 Credits

Students become familiar with Personal Injury Law, which is based on tort law concepts.  Among the topics to be discussed are tort law, legal analysis, negligence, intentional torts, strict liability, and product liability.

3 crs
LAW430 Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice Law - 3 Credits

Students become familiar with Medical Malpractice Law, which is based on tort law concepts.  The topics to be discussed include tort law, risk management, investigation of claims, litigation and the medical malpractice trial.

3 crs
LAW425 Legal Writing


Legal Writing - 3 Credits

Students learn the techniques of legal writing. Specific writing assignments include the case brief, motions, pleadings, discovery documents and written instruments. The course culminates in a Memorandum of Law and therefore attention is given to advanced legal research.

Prerequisites: LAW203, 205.

    Prerequisite: LAW203, 205
3 crs
LAW Elective
3 crs
LAW460 Legal Studies Internship


Legal Studies Internship - 3 Credits

Students learn how to apply knowledge gained from course work to the practical work of a law office. Students are required to meet 15 hours per semester in seminar meetings and to work in a law office setting, which could include law firms, corporate law departments, or government agencies, for 120 hours.

Prerequisites: LAW105, LAW201, LAW203, LAW205.

    Prerequisites: LAW105, LAW201, LAW203, LAW205
3 crs
Grand Total 30 crs

The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time. The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website.