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Post University Online
M.Ed. Admissions

Admission Criteria

Post University treats each student's application on an individual basis using a combination of several criteria. No one criterion carries more weight than any other. All applications will be considered.

The following outlines the criteria and conditions for standard admissions to the Post M.Ed. program:

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • Evidence of progressive education-related work experience
  • Final undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.¬† Significant work experience may overcome a lower GPA
  • Ability to do graduate level work as evidenced by two academic or professional recommendations

Applicants may want to discuss with their admissions representative the admissions process and requirements.

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Application Deadlines

Admission decisions are conducted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year. Students can begin taking courses in any of our six modules (September, November, January, March, May, and July). Applicants are provided admission decisions within ten (10) days of receipt of all application materials by the Graduate Admissions Office.

Applicants can take up to three graduate level courses before their application is completed.

Applying for Admission

Students applying for admission to the Post University M.Ed. program must use the Post online application form.

In addition to completing the online application form applicants must submit the following:

  • Official transcript from the institution that granted your baccalaureate degree
  • Your professional resume
  • Two academic or professional letters of recommendation concerning your ability to do graduate level work*
  • A telephone interview with an admissions counselor.
    Please Note:  A teaching license is not needed to be admitted to this program.  However, if an applicant holds a current, valid teaching license, specific application criteria will be considered met and letters of recommendation will not be needed.  An official transcript and a copy of the teaching license are required for your application file. 

Application materials should be mailed to:

Post University Graduate Admissions
800 Country Club Road
Post Office Box 2540
Waterbury, CT 06723-2540

*Letters of recommendation may be faxed to admissions at (203) 596-4602 or (203) 756-5810.

Admission Appeals

Applicants who are denied admission to the graduate program may request a review of the decision. Such requests must be made in writing to the program director and sent to the Graduate Office at Post University. This request should include additional academic information such as scores from standardized tests. Depending on the nature of the appeal, the director will consult with the Graduate Studies Committee for a final decision determination.
Dean of Graduate Programs
Post University
Waterbury, CT  06723

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