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Master of Education (M.Ed.) Online

Personal Learning Environment

— PLE Initiative —

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The PLE initiative was launched in August 2010 to enable M.Ed. students to establish and begin building their own personal and professional Web 2.0 presences as an authentic outlet for project work during the 33 credits of their degree program concentrations. A PLE provides a personal web platform for Post University Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree students to take an active leadership role as innovative and creative educators who can transform the education enterprise to meet the challenges and respond to the opportunities of a changing world.

Develop a PLE as Part of Your
Master of Education Degree Concentration

The program curricula for both concentrations include a unique career-focused thread that focuses on the active development of a personal and professional public Web 2.0 presence (PLE website) to help students take a lead in actively shaping the future of education.

Benefits of a PLE

  • M.Ed. students set up their own personal server sites
  • M.Ed. students register their own personal web domains
  • M.Ed. students install and host their own Web 2.0 tools & apps
  • M.Ed. students host their own social networking outreach
  • M.Ed. students host their own LMS (learning management system)
  • M.Ed. students transition their authored coursework into content for their sites
  • M.Ed. students develop an authentic, career-driven, public, networked presence
  • M.Ed. students build their presence steadily as they progress through the program