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Post University Online Ranked In The Top 20 Nationally For The 3rd
Year In A Row

Post University named 4th best online college or university for 2012 by DoughRoller


Hear what students say about their experience at Post University

Toure Diggs

Why did you choose Post University?

I chose Post for my MBA because I loved my first experience at Post. It such a good fit for my personality so when the opportunity presented itself for the MBA I didn’t even hesitate to apply. It was a no-brainer.

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA while working full-time?

Well, first of all, I had to. I’m married with two small children. I learned time management skills really quickly. I just made sure I logged in to the class as soon as possible and looked at the syllabus so I knew what to expect. I tried to stay ahead of everything. It took me 2-3 courses to get used to the system.

Did you think Post will provide a good return on your investment?

Yes, absolutely. I felt that the MBA degree would be the most well-rounded degree. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart so I felt as though some formal training would help shape that. I want o launch my own business and this program helped me put the brakes on what I was working on and start it the right way. I was a little skeptical about online because I wasn’t sure the “online schools” really existed, but I knew Post was real so that’s another reason I picked it.

Did the Post program meet or exceed your expectations?

Yes. I think I went into the program with my own picture of what I thought it would be like. My perception was that an online program was going to be easier. I thought it would be less work, but it really wasn’t. The caliber of the professors couldn’t be any better. They challenge you at every step and even when you think they would let you go on something, they’re expectations were very high. I had so many resources that I didn’t even know existed. The professors’ experience was great and they were very professional and challenging, but they were human and said that they were learning from me too. I didn’t expect any of that. I knew the reputation was good, but I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was. It was even better than I thought.

What one thing about the Post MBA program has had the greatest influence on your professional life?

It has definitely changed the way I think. I think my focus is different and I consider more things before I make a decision or draw a conclusion. I realize that there is so much more involved. My professors challenged all my ideas and made me think it through. They always asked me if the changes I was proposing were feasible. I also lacked managerial skills and the project management course showed me that I was missing the discipline to manage the time, the people and the materials, and to understand how much of everything you need. I feel like I’ve grown so much.

Were you able to immediately apply what you were learning in the work world?

Oh yeah, there were times when I would come to work the next day and offer something I learned in class. We would try things and they would work. It was awesome.
Was there any one concept or discussion that changed the way you view the world/workplace?
I would say that the program really drove some things home that I had a hunch about -- the fact that things are all connected so that each decision you make has an impact on something else. There’s no cut and dried answer to most things.

What kinds of connections did you make with your professors and peers?

I think made some really good, solid connections. I think the bond is really tight-knit and close -- we’re a family. It was a very diverse group—from different parts of the country and from different countries and we all learned from each other. You got something from everybody.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue an online MBA program?

Prepare to work hard, but don’t let that fact discourage you from moving forward with it. One mistake I made is that in the earlier courses I went in alone and then I realized that I should ask some questions and call my professors when I needed help. Once I did that, it made such a difference. Don’t wait to communicate.

Would you recommend Post’s Online MBA Degree Program to your friends/colleagues?

I have already.