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Mike Simaitis

Mike Simaitis, one of our newest alumni, tells us about his MBA experience in a podcast: How did he choose Post (and why was it for the third time)? How has his life changed now that he's completed his MBA? Was it worth it?


Charles Stott

Charles Stott, an online MBA student, recently sent an email to the University to share feedback on his MBA experience and offer advice to those who may be considering online learning.

Jean Federick

Jean Frederick, an online MBA expert from the Sloan Consortium, recently completed her own online MBA degree with Post University. We caught up with her to ask why she chose Post and how the program matched up to her expectations.
Heather Rougeot Heather Rougeot, one of our recent MBA graduates, is a Business Analyst in Purchasing at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn. She recently shared a story with us demonstrating how her classroom learning has translated directly to on-the-job encounters.
Justin Jones

Justin Jones received his MBA from Post University in 2010.  During the program, 33-year-old Jones not only worked full-time as a Product Specialist for a biopharma company in Texas, but created and marketed a new product, published a book, and presented a business proposal to his company's Executive Board that will be implemented in the coming months. 

Puentes Inga and David Puentes graduated from Post University's Online MBA Degree Program in May 2009. Inga works in Financial Planning and Analysis at Sikorsky Aircraft, and David is a Commodity Manager, also at Sikorsky. Inga holds a B.S. in Finance from a local university and David completed his B.S. in Finance online at Post University.
Leone Mary Grace Leone received her MBA from Post University in 2009. She currently works as an Information Technology Security and Audit Analyst at Sikorsky Aircraft. She completed her B.S. in Accounting through Post University Online in 2007 after taking evening classes at another university for three years.
Weitknecht Jesse B. Weitknecht will complete his Post University MBA Program in August 2009. He works full-time in the engineering department at Pratt Whitney in Middletown, Connecticut.
Mojica Marc Mojica, stationed in Italy in 2005, is now an Air Force veteran who is taking advantage of Post University's Military Program to earn his MBA. He holds a B.S. in Accounting, and rather than take an additional 30 undergraduate credits to become a CPA, he enrolled in the Post University MBA Program with a focus on Corporate Innovation.

Rob Voorhees received his MBA from Post University in May 2010.  He currently works in Maryland as Vice President of Defense and Federal Sales for IPWireless, Inc.

Toure Diggs

Toure Diggs received his MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Post University in 2010. He also earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Post University in 1994. Currently, Diggs is a program manager for Continuum of Care in New Haven, Connecticut..

Alex Drouin

Chief Warrant Officer Alex Drouin is pursuing his Online MBA Degree from Post University while stationed in Iraq.  Drouin, who is a member of the 101st Airborne Division, has been in the Army for six years and this is his second tour of duty. 

Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan is pursuing his MBA degree at Post University with a concentration in Finance. Currently a Staff Pharmacist who also has administrative duties at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut, Paul also received his Bachelor's Degree from Post.


Student Quotes

"When I made the decision to enroll in Post's MBA program, it had been a very long time since I last took graded classes. From the very first class, I knew that I had to adjust the way I remembered "learning". For me, undergraduate schooling was very different. The professors had a very strict curriculum of material to follow. They delivered information intended for memorization, timed tests, and research papers without reflection. In other words, they presented concepts only and rarely asked us to apply it to real life situations. This MBA program is completely different in that the barriers were lifted, and I was free to learn above and beyond the written lines of the syllabus. Applying all the different concepts in practical ways to work and the business world provided a deeper understanding than I could have received from memorization. The discussion boards were a key part of this ‘endless learning' because I was able to read about how other students interpreted articles and materials as well as how they applied it to their jobs and careers. If asked to go back to flashcards and multiple choice quizzes, I would decline. I appreciate this type of learning, and I feel I have grown tremendously. My brain woke up!

-- Tara Hackenberg, Post University MBA Student

“The MBA program at Post University is a program that allows the student to learn and grow as much as the student desires.  The program has the key courses and concepts of a MBA Program and educates students through the traditional learning process of readings and assignments. What is unique is it also encourages learning through discussions with professors and fellow students with actual experiences giving their points of view.  Discussions & examples add to the traditional teaching by letting the students see how the learned concepts can related to actual experience from various perspectives of each professor and student.  The discussions also have encouraged all to respect those fellow students or professors that you may not totally understand or agree with.  I have found it inspired me to take the extra initiative by motivating self research to learn more and share with others in thought process, critical thinking and applying learning experiences.” 

-- Debra Muscio, Post University MBA Student

"I just wanted to say "thank you". I have started another Master's program and because of the outstanding training I received from you and my other Professors in the MBA program at Post I am finding it easier to think outside the box and achieve great results. I have also been given a promotion at work because of the complex thinking process I was taught."

-- Kimberly Greaney-Macsicza

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