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Post University’s Master of Science in Accounting curriculum is centered around on essential knowledge every working accounting needs to have. Students are asked to approach coursework from the perspective of a working accountant operating in a real world environment. The program culminates with a capstone course that requires students to apply knowledge and skills acquired during the program to real world situations.



Undergraduate Degree in Accounting

Students who did not acquire an undergraduate degree in Accounting from an accredited academic institution must complete eight prerequisite undergraduate courses (24 credits), before beginning the 30-credit MSA program:

  • ACC111 Financial Accounting
  • ACC211 Managerial Accounting
  • ACC303 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC340 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC330 Federal Income Tax
  • ACC430 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC440 Auditing
  • ACC450 Advanced Accounting
MSA Foundation Accounting Courses

18 crs

ACC501 Research and Writing for the Accounting Profession


Research and Writing for the Accounting Profession – 3 credits

This course involves the application of accounting research, utilizing various accounting/auditing/tax standards and databases, and the preparation written communications in a manner consistent with best practices in the accounting profession.

Prerequisite for all other MSA courses

     Prerequisite for all other MSA courses
3 crs
ACC512 International Accounting


International Accounting – 3 credits

This course provides a foundation in the theory and practice of the study of international accounting. This course provides a study of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), with a comparison to United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Other international accounting issues such as foreign currency transactions, hedging foreign exchange risk, and translation of foreign currency and financial statements are also covered.

3 crs
ACC515 Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting


Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting – 3 credits

This unique accounting principles related to government and non-profit accounting are covered, including: examination of accounting principles and financial reporting and budgeting for non-profit organizations and government entities.

3 crs
ACC522 Advanced Audit Issues


Advanced Audit Issues – 3 credits

This course applies auditing theory and research to real world business situations using a case study approach.

3 crs
ACC525 Advanced Topics in Taxes


Advanced Topics in Taxes – 3 credits

This course provides coverage of tax issues related to individual and business entities, with an emphasis on tax research and developing a defensible outcome.

3 crs
ACC532 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – 3 credits

This course includes the systems, methods and processes used by organizations to manage risk. Various Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks that identify risks and assess them in terms of magnitude and likelihood of occurrence are studied. Strategies to control and mitigate risk are discussed. Concepts of internal control, strategic planning, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act when dealing with risk are integrated into the course.

3 crs
MSA Foundation Management Courses

9 crs

ACC535 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Professional Organizations


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Professional Organizations – 3 credits

This course introduces the concepts of business development, customer service and networking for the professional organization. It is acknowledged that the current professional organization requires all employees to act as advocates for the business while providing services. This course will not only introduce students to the strategies involved with securing, servicing and keeping customers happy, but aid them in utilizing current methods and software tools to help them be productive in the Customer Relationship Management arena. Also included is a discussion of effective management consulting.

3 crs
BUS505 Organizational Creativity, Discovery and Innovation


Organizational Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation - 3 Credits

This course examines the processes involved in creativity, discovery, and innovation.   Students explore the motivations involved in innovation both internal to the individual and external to the organization. The course provides strong focus on the creative process in a team environment, including managing and leading knowledge workers.  Course content exposes students to the varied approaches and results of the creative process across disciplines such as psychology, marketing, leadership and general management.    

Download the syllabus here

Disclaimer: The above syllabus is a sample only from the course, and is subject to change at the Professor's discretion. Please do NOT purchase books based on this syllabus.

3 crs
ACC545 Leading the Professional Organization


Leading the Professional Organization – 3 credits

This course introduces the topics of team building, presentation skills, business communication skills, time management, conflict management and other issues relevant to successfully leading a professional organization. The course will focus on these necessary basic skills in the modern professional organization, with the goal of preparing students to lead either units of professional organizations or their own organization.

3 crs
MSA Capstone Course 3 crs
ACC699 Current Topics in Accounting (Capstone)


Current Topics in Accounting – 3 credits

This course integrates all the topics covered within the MSA program. It focuses on the understanding, options and application of current accounting situations. It is the program’s capstone course and will include utilizing research to solve accounting case studies and “in the news” accounting dilemmas. ¬†¬†

3 crs
MSA Program Total Credits 30 crs


The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time.
The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website.