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Post University Online Ranked In The Top 20 Nationally For The 3rd
Year In A Row

Post University named 4th best online college or university for 2012 by DoughRoller


Program Outcomes

Post University’s Master of Science in Accounting degree program provides the advanced knowledge and skills required for employment and advancement in the field of accounting.

  • Students will measure, analyze and assess data driven accounting information to effect solutions to business problems to include the application of research skills utilizing various accounting data bases and other sources.

  • Students will apply best practice accounting and auditing techniques to insure best quality and accuracy of information.

  • Students will understand and apply accounting principles on a global basis.

  • Students will obtain a foundation of knowledge based on the subject matter embodied in the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination.

  • Students will examine and apply ethical and professional behaviors to accounting and other business situations.
  • ¬†Students will demonstrate the skills associated with business development, sales, customer service and networking.

  • Students will understand and engage in the role of the accountant and auditor as part of the management team and apply leadership, creativity and innovation in the strategic decision making process relating to organizational planning and control.

  • Students will communicate professionally using graduate level written and oral skills essential to success in the business environment.