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Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Office of the Registrar, in accordance with federal (FERPA) and state laws, has designated certain types of student information as public or directory information. The University respects students’ rights to privacy and will do its best to protect that privacy. However, the following information may be disclosed:

Standard Directory Information: student’s name, address, telephone number, dates of attendance, full/part time status, class standing, academic major, and degree(s) earned. The following additional information is also classified as Directory Information: participation in officially-recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic team members, awards received, photographs of students and e-mail addresses.

Currently-enrolled students have the right to request that Post University not release address and telephone information to individuals or organizations outside the University (though the University is required to provide information to organizations that have provided the student any type of financial aid, including loans). A student who wishes to have his/her address and phone number restricted should contact the Office of the Registrar. Request for Confidential Status of Directory Information forms must be completed and placed on file in the Office of the Registrar. Once completed, this form may be changed, modified, or withdrawn at any time by the student.

Students may have access to their University records by submitting a written, dated request to the Office of the Registrar. The office will inform students when and where the records may be inspected. A fee will be charged for the duplication of a requested record.

If a student has waived his or her right of access to a particular document or record, only then do the parents have a right to access that particular document or record.