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Inga and David Puentes

Why did you choose Post University?

Inga: I watched my husband finish up his undergrad degree all online, so I realized that we could go into this program, do it together, and do it fast. I can't commit to going to a class any day of the week; my schedule is just too hectic, and I just never know if I'm going to be working late. Without the online option, there was just no way that I could have done it. The accelerated program was a big factor as well. I'm not 21 years old anymore and I kind of wanted to still have a life.

David: The flexibility was certainly a key factor. And the program – Corporate Innovation – was completely different than what any other schools offered. All the other schools had the basic concentrations, but when we saw the corporate innovation, it seemed perfect for where our company was heading. We felt it would help us lead that transition and help us take our organization from the current hierarchical structure to a horizontal, creative, innovative and agile structure. A lot of other schools offered accelerated programs, but in our eyes, Post's program was completely unique and cutting edge.

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA while working full-time?

David: We're fortunate to work for UTC, which has an incredible employee scholar program where they pay for the tuition. Both Inga and I are fully engaged in our careers; advancement is our primary focus, and we felt the MBA would help us to do that, so to take any time off would have been counterproductive.

Inga: I don't think there was a choice to take time off. To take time off would have set us back in our careers.

Did you think Post will provide a good return on your investment?

Inga: Definitely. I think it really made me a more open-minded person, and to better understand the way management is headed. It definitely will pay off.

David: Absolutely. The knowledge that we gained, the ability to work and manage diversified groups certainly will pay off. Having the advanced degree also will help. At our company, there's a lot of MBAs, so it really brought us to the next level.

Did the Post program exceed your expectations?

David: Yes, absolutely, I think it did. It was gratifying to be part of it at its inception and to actually help shape it. The professors were really interested in hearing our feedback. It was a high-quality course load and the teachers were excellent. Don Mroz was an excellent addition to the program, and really helped us when we got to higher level classes.

Inga: Oh definitely. I agree that it was great to be part of the program and have a say. It was great to be heard and see the changes actually take place.

How has the MBA program impacted your career or you personally?

David: Wow. Well, first of all I learned a lot. I think that it rounded out my knowledge base and I was definitely excited about that. At first, I was focused on just getting the degree; I really just wanted to get it done, but then it changed to really wanting to learn. That was exciting.

Inga: I realized early on that I thought really differently about myself. I started to realize that all these lessons I was learning were to expand my mind. Everything was very open, and I'd never really thought in that fashion before. It changed the way I looked at things — not just in my career, but in my life.

What one thing about the Post MBA program has had the greatest influence on your professional life?

Inga: I really think that the way that I approach a situation or a problem has changed. I try to think about it in different ways rather than just think that I don't know how to do something. For me, it was really about change. I have better tools to help facilitate the changes that are taking place in our business.

David: I think that it enhanced my ability to strategically manage diverse, multi-disciplined, creative teams. That is where we're going as an organization. That's cutting edge. It sort of breaks us out of the box of where we've been. In order for us to succeed in this global environment, we need to be able to approach problems differently than we've been taught throughout our careers. It really opened my eyes in that regard.

Were you able to immediately apply what you were learning in the work world?

David: I was able to apply it immediately. Both of our roles allowed us to use what we were learning and then try it out on the job. Our experience would then feed into our discussion board discussions with the rest of the class.

Inga: I agree 100%.

Was there any one concept or discussion that changed the way you view the world/workplace?

David: When I stopped being a knower and became a learner. It was my classic ‘aha' moment of the program. When you actually become a learner, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities -- on a personal and career level.

Inga: Creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

What kinds of connections did you make with your professors and peers?

Inga: We made a lot of great connections. We went to school with some of the same people from the very beginning, so you really get to know them through posting on the discussion board. I also could always ask my husband because a lot of the time he was sitting right next to me. My sister also was going through the program, so we had a network of our own.

David: Some of our professional colleagues also were enrolled. And Don Mroz was not only a teacher and a mentor, but he became a friend, and that really helped us through the learning process. We got the opportunity to meet all the other students face-to-face at graduation. These were the people we'd been interacting with on a daily basis, who were strangers in one regard but also very familiar; it was such a unique experience.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue an online MBA program?

David: Know what you're getting into. It is more complex than going to a class. You have to really manage your schedule, and be prepared to make a commitment. You're going to get out of it as much as you put into it, and it requires significant discipline.

Inga: I would urge someone right out of college to get a few years of experience under their belts first. It brings different things to the table; although it's not an absolute necessity. We all learned a lot from each other.

If you were describing the program to a colleague what would you say?

Inga: It was a great program. You need to know what you're getting into and have to put the time in. To put school on top of a work schedule is tough.

David: You're going to get the tools you need to help lead the organization to the next level. The stuff that's in this program is not taught in normal business schools. It's really cutting edge. I really believe that.

Would you recommend Post's Online MBA Degree Program to your friends/colleagues?

David: Absolutely. Unequivocally.

Inga: Definitely

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