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Post University Online Ranked In The Top 20 Nationally For The 3rd
Year In A Row

Post University named 4th best online college or university for 2012 by DoughRoller


Student Testimonials

Hear what students say about their experience at Post University

Sergeant First Class Sherwyn Gibbs Sergeant First Class Sherwyn Gibbs is pursuing a B.S. degree in Business Management through Post University Online. A combat veteran, Gibbs is now a full-time Army recruiter.
John Manks John Manks recently completed a Forensic Accounting Certificate that helped him get a promotion at his government job. He’s now enrolling in Post University’s Online MBA program.
Sergeant First Class Stephanie Bacskay Sergeant First Class Stephanie Bacskay is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Management through Post University Online. Stationed in Baghdad in 2003, Sgt. Bacskay is now a full-time recruiter for the Army National Guard.
Claude Beaumier Abbott

Claude Beaumier Abbott earned a B.S. in Business Administration with honors from Post University in 2006. Claude earned her degree by taking online courses while working full-time. Currently, she is a Systems support Analyst at Kuehne + Nagel in Naugatuck, Connecticut, and is pursuing her Master of Education through Post University Online.

Renee Polletta

Renee Polletta earned a Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice from Post University in 2009. Renee earned her degree by taking online courses while working full-time in Naples, Florida. In September, she will pursue a Master’s in Human Services, also through Post University Online.

Inga and David Puentes

Inga and David Puentes graduated from Post University’s Online MBA Degree Program in May 2009. Inga works in Financial Planning and Analysis at Sikorsky Aircraft, and David is a Commodity Manager, also at Sikorsky. Inga holds a B.S. in Finance from a local university and David completed his B.S. in Finance online at Post University.

Mary Grace Leone

Mary Grace Leone received her MBA from Post University in 2009. She currently works as an Information Technology Security and Audit Analyst at Sikorsky Aircraft. She completed her B.S. in Accounting through Post University Online in 2007 after taking evening classes at another university for three years.

Chris Vargo Chris Vargo is an adult student pursuing a B.S. in Business Management by taking courses at Post’s regional locations and through Post University Online.
Jesse B. Weitknecht

Jesse B. Weitknecht will complete his Post University MBA Program in August 2009. He works full-time in the engineering department at Pratt Whitney in Middletown, Connecticut.

Marc Mojica

Marc Mojica, stationed in Italy in 2005, is now an Air Force veteran who is taking advantage of Post University’s Military Program to earn his MBA. He holds a B.S. in Accounting, and rather than take an additional 30 undergraduate credits to become a CPA, he enrolled in the Post University MBA Program with a focus on Corporate Innovation.


Student Quotes

"As a 42-year-old continuing student who is pursuing a Master's degree in Human Services, I appreciate the work that is involved by the school AND the student to have a successful experience.  I must admit that I was initially leery about pursuing a degree via online learning; however, I must also tell you that choosing Post University was the right decision.  Not only is the Blackboard setup user friendly, the faculty for these courses are exemplary.  From the first day of the first module to now (I'm in my 6th class/3rd module), I have had hassle-free use of Blackboard and have enjoyed online "discussions" with classmates and instructors.  I truly believe this form of learning has allowed me to learn AND RETAIN more information than were I in a classroom environment, because students are ever-engaged in the learning process."

— Vanessa Meredith

"I am a Legal Studies Major and every single one my classes has been online. I came to Post University as a transfer student after completing my AS Degree at a Community College. I was just in Connecticut working as a contract employee for Sikorsky Aircraft; my home was Medford, Oregon. Midway into my four years, I started Post University’s Online classes.  I have had the opportunity to visit the campus and meet with some of the administrators, professors and advisors; all have been very helpful. The online courses at Post University have been the best I have ever attended, and I have attended many colleges in my life time. It has also given me the opportunity and flexibility to attend my classes around the world.  For example, I am currently working in Balad, Iraq, as a contract employee, supporting our young men and women in the Armed Forces."

— Manuel Valentin

"Post University provides an excellent opportunity for working professionals to continue their education. Post offers a diversified portfolio of courses, which allow a person to focus on subject-specific information, while also providing a complete array of elective classes to both challenge and stimulate areas for learning. Although taking classes online requires a great deal of discipline on the part of the student, the counseling provided by the staff, instructors , and online resources available to the students makes this process seamless."

Mariann Morrell

 "I decided to return back to school after many years. The staff at Post University was very helpful to make the transition back an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Post University Online for anyone with a busy schedule looking for an alternative to the classroom setting."

John Julian

"I find that I really enjoy the school 'online' experience. I find that it's what you put into it. I am so glad I made the decision to start up with school again... It's interesting and I love the fact that it's on my own time."

Stephanie Connolly

 "I must say this was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I have ever had in an online class. At no point have I had a professor take such a risk and great strides to provide a class with such an interesting learning opportunity. Learning online can be quite challenging and requires a great deal of discipline on the part of the student and teacher. The process you presented was both engaging and rewarding. Additionally, you have taken materials that could otherwise be considered hard to understand, and somewhat dry, and have applied a method that added both value and excitement to the experience...allowing the student the ease of learning the material, while also evoking the anticipation and desire to delve deeper into the material. I would highly recommend teaching in this manner again."

Mariann Morrell

 "I feel I have made the right choice in many ways, the school is accommodating and took into consideration that students are working full time due to financial obligations and still want to continue or finish school. This school allows the student to finish school in a more comfortable setting 'at home' in your sweats. Think of all the snowy/sleety days that you had to drive to school or drive home. The best part is that this is something you cannot say no to when you have all the opportunity to complete your studies at any time of the day/night/weekends and be done in an adequate amount of time. Students can take one or more classes based on their ability. I encourage any student to board the ship 'Post' and enjoy the ride. Cannot beat the hours, price, and the professors are very helpful."

Latifa Ranganadan - Masters in Human Services

 "I am really impressed with the Master's Program at Post University. All of the staff are extremely helpful and encouraging. The professors are great! I have taken three online courses now and remain extremely happy. I am learning so much from the professors and from my classmates."

Kate Davis - Masters in Human Services