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Transfer Admissions

Post University Online Transfer Admissions

Graduate Transfer Students

Students applying to the graduate program must meet the same admission criteria appropriate to the program of study which grants the degree (see Acceptance with Conditions and Matriculation section). The student must submit a transcript of completed graduate work at an accredited college or university. Post University will accept no more than nine credits (i.e., three courses at three credits each) at a 3.0 GPA or higher. Transfer students (regardless of the Institution transferring from) must have the appropriate work experience as stipulated in the admission policy for the respective program as noted in this document.

Official Transcripts which are sent electronically from another institution will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. All electronic official transcripts must be sent by the institution directly or by an organization contracted with that institution to send transcripts in a secure manner over the Internet.

Credit by Transfer
Post University accepts a maximum of nine (9) academic credits with grades of "B" or better in transfer from other accredited institutions. No other forms of credit, such as "life experience," portfolios, or credit by proficiency examination, will be accepted. A student seeking to transfer credit must submit an official transcript, indicating the academic course(s) taken and the credit granted, and a catalog description of the course(s). Acceptance of the course credit in transfer will be determined by the faculty (or their designee) from that program of study. The student may also be asked to submit a copy of the course syllabus in those instances where the catalog description lacks sufficient definition.

Note: Transfer credits for required courses in certificate programs will not be accepted. Pre-requisite courses may be waived on a case-by-case basis.

Accepting Transfer Credit for Prior Field Practicum Experiences
Post University Graduate Programs do not accept transfer credits for field practicum on the graduate level. In special circumstances students may request a waiver of this policy by applying to the Dean of the School or Director of the Program to which he or she is applying. Applications for waiver must include the following information about the Practicum for which the student seeks credit:

  1. syllabus
  2. supervisor evaluation records
  3. learning contract
  4. other course-related materials that were provided during this experience for review
  5. proof that the practicum was completed with a grade of "B" or higher
  6. The field experience placement must have been completed at the site, and be comparable in quality to the experience that would have been approved by the applicable program. Appeals for adverse decisions are decided by the Dean of the applicable program whose decision is final.

Policy on Accepting Portfolio, Life Experience, and Undergraduate Credit

Post University Graduate Programs do not accept portfolio and/or life experience for credit. Undergraduate coursework will not be considered for graduate-level credit.

Policy on Accepting Transfer Credit for Capstone Courses
Post University Graduate Programs do not accept transfer credit or course substitutions for Capstone Courses.

Admission to Certificate Programs
Students applying for a graduate certificate program must meet the same admission criteria appropriate to the program of study which grants the certificate (see Acceptance with Conditions and Matriculation section).

Students may not transfer any credits into a certificate program.

Once admitted into a certificate program, the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA to receive the certificate.
Certificate students must participate in the appropriate Graduate School orientation program upon acceptance into that program.

Should the student decide to enter the full degree program (either while in the certificate program, or upon completion of the certificate program) the student will need to initiate a transfer process by contacting his/her academic success counselor.